I like going places. Being somewhere, anywhere – which of course, I always am – brings excitement, challenges, lessons, new relationships, insights, questions and inspiration. I’ve captured a number of ‘places’ here. The way I prefer to capture a place is through photography.

Photography has always been a pleasure for me. From a young age I enjoyed taking pictures – first on my Polaroid before advancing to a Nikon DSLR. Now most of my photos are shot on a Sony Nex-6 or a manual Canon 50mm (and of course an iPhone 4S).

While I enjoyed taking photos I was never an avid photographer; meaning that I didn’t haul my camera everywhere with me, snapping up every picture or learning the ins-and-outs of lighting. That being said I was also never a point-and-shoot sort of person; I like composition and artful insight in my photographs.

I like to think of each album – categorized mainly according to the locations of my travels – as collections. While some photos can certainly stand alone, together the photos have a much more pronounced feel. To me the photos, when depicted in a mosaic, describe the experience almost in its entirety. I also like viewing multiple similar shots side by side. The effect of this is to demonstrate how a slight change can alter a photograph, thus shaping the viewer’s perception. Sequences of an event in one way break the magic of a photograph – that split second caught on camera – while also alluding to the mystery of a larger experience. While these multiple slides are a favourite of mine, I realize when shooting with film they are all the more significant given the luck and talent it takes to capture good photos.